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Lamborghini Gallardo Rental from Premier Auto Miami in South Beach
Recently I may have gone too far!

I love three things...chocolate, fast cars, and women...but the order changes from day-to-day.  I consider it a good day if I get to enjoy one of these things.  I consider it a great day if I get to enjoy two of these things, but I think I died and went to heaven if I enjoy all three things in one day.

Recently, I went to heaven.

I took my smoking hot lady to the smoking hot city of South Beach in Miami, Florida.  I rented a beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo in South Beach, and we cruised to Miami to visit one of my all-time favorite chocolate shops Mr. Ganache.  This trip completed the trifecta for me, and I was a happy boy.

I won't say whether I drove the Lamborghini Gallardo over the speed limit, but let's just say the Lambo zipped down the roads of Miami faster than the chocolate truffle disappeared into my mouth.  After a belly full of chocolate, there is nothing like cruising South Beach in a convertible exotic car with an equally exotic woman in the passenger seat.

I highly recommend if you go to Miami, head on over to South Beach and rent a Lamborghini, or if you have another  preference, rent a Ferrari or hell, just rent an exotic car of your choice from the huge selection at Premier Auto Miami.  Then, either take your lady, or find one on South Beach who loves an exotic car (shouldn't be that hard), and head on over to Mr. Ganache to complete your perfect day. 


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03/31/2017 9:22am

Chocolate? Lamborghini? I must say that both of these things are synonymous to heaven like. Chocolate brightens up my mood whenever I'm stressed or out of my league. And Lamborghini is everyone's dream car. I have literally dreamed about owning one of this expensive and fancy race cars. You could attract everyone's attention when you're on the road. It's an amazing sight on the road and its performance is undoubtedly great! I'll work for this to own such good things in life.

06/30/2017 7:02pm

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