The World's Best Chocolate to Your Door
There are a lot of beans on this planet.  Has there ever been a bean that has brought more pure pleasure than the cocoa bean?  Forever ago, humans learned how to make the cocoa bean into foods, drinks, and Easter bunnies.  There is good reason for that. 

The cocoa bean is God's favorite!

I challenge you to prove me wrong.  Yes, I agree that lima beans made with fatback is divine.  I will also admit that I never truly had a great taco until someone taught me to add beans.

Be that as it may, I have never found joy in food the way the cocoa bean provides.  Chocolate makes milk heavenly, takes fruit to a higher level, and tops off a romantic evening like no other food on the planet.  

Admit it!  You LOVE chocolate, or you wouldn't be reading this blog!
Now, excuse me...I need more hot chocolate.


08/08/2016 3:31pm

We got so many things from here, thank you guys!


Everybody loves chocolate! I love drinking hot cocoa topped with whipped cream in the morning. I also love snacking on my homemade chocolate truffles. Also, I love making chocolate mousse for my neighbors and for my family or friends who visits my home. As a home cook and a pastry chef at heart, I really love working with chocolates. If you wanted some chocolates, you can drop by at our house! Thank you for sharing this to us. Chocolate loves us too!

02/07/2017 5:53pm

I have to agree with you about chocolates! Chocolate is really one of the best things in this world. Just the thought of chocolate even makes me warmer already. Eating chocolates make me feel warmer and fresher. It will make you feel more relaxed and correct me if I'm wrong but I think it will make your brain function really well. Thank you so much for sharing this very inspiring thoughts about chocolates!

08/16/2016 12:46am

It seems that this blog is specially shared for chocolate lovers because presentation way of writer is very impressive. He said " A bean from God" this line is very attractive and only due to these words I wanna appreciate him. So those guys who are fond of tasting chocolate they must comment here to share their reviews.


Ha-ha. You are right. I love chocolate. It was a pleasure to read this post.

01/03/2017 10:33am

Love chocolate, who doesn't? :) Please continue posting!


02/10/2017 3:25am

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