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For a millennia, chocolate and romance have been sweet, powerful partners. One of the first known uses of chocolate in its pure form was as far back as 1200 AD by the Aztecs. The Aztec men used fermented chocolate beverages as aphrodisiacs, because they believed this early form of Bailey's Cocoa gave the drinker power and masculinity.

The Aztecs may have created the first viable chocolate industry because they didn't grow cocoa but traded for it.  Chocolate was so rare that the expense of getting this amazing fermented, heated drink made it only reachable for the wealthiest horndogs in the Aztec upper east side.  I just imagine the poor little Aztec servants firing up the water heater, ( I wonder who even handled their water heater installation), mixing the chocolate with hot water and melting the potent drink until it was a silky smooth nectar from heaven.  In fact, it was so highly regarded and expensive that they drank it from the golden cups, which were then discarded rather than used for something less noble.

The Aztec king Montezuma was said to take 50 cups per day and extra cups when he engages on a romantic rendezvous. Its aphrodisiac effects were considered so strong that Aztec women were forbidden to drink it for fear of possible promiscuity.   Actually, they probably just would have had a more pleasant time during PMS.



09/12/2016 11:54am

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I love chocolates in general, but especially chocolate bars with nuts! I really like the combination of the sweet taste of chocolate and the nuts that I can munch on. I certainly believe that eating chocolate bars with your loved ones is a great help in maintaining the sweetness between the two of you. Aside from chocolate bars, I am also fond of drinking hot chocolate. Drinking hot chocolate every morning makes me more energize and ready for the whole day!


50 cups per day? Sounds unreal. Well, anyway, thank you for this post.

03/11/2017 5:07pm

Even though it's repeated a lot, I still think it sounds unreal.

11/19/2016 3:52am

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01/22/2017 3:56am

We must be very thankful to the Aztecs for they are the reason why the widely-favorite chocolate exists today. We all know how much all people love chocolate. We are all lucky that chocolates nowadays are accessible compare to how it was before. Only the wealthiest horndogs can taste it before, so for that, we should be thankful!


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You are right. Chocolate and romance are always connected. It's a nice post.


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One of my favorite things to drink.


I'm quite in a mood to drink that thing.

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