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Did you know that women craving chocolate during PMS is a real thing?!  It's not just an excuse to chow down on the best food God ever created.  Science actually says that a woman's level of magnesium is lower during PMS and that lower levels of magnesium causes a craving for chocolate.

As I see it, there are two easy solutions to this particular problem:
1.  Eat foods or take supplements high in magnesium just before and during PMS.
2.  Eat chocolate during PMS

Let's see...
magnesium or chocolate?

Really?  Science could have saved the money for that research.  More chocolate is the only good thing about PMS. 


09/18/2016 8:45pm

That's true! For me, I take chocolates to improve my mood during my PMS. My period is irregular so I don't really know when I start with my premenstrual syndrome but I often became anxious during this time. I have anger outbursts without no good reason and that makes the people around me annoyed. Because of this, I usually take chocolates to give me that "happy" feeling.

02/07/2017 8:11pm

I don't think that I just only crave for Chocolates during my PMS. I usually crave for it almost all the time. Chocolates make me feel warmed and refreshed. I usually eat some of it when I am feeling down or I am really stress with some stuff. I think what's good about chocolate is the good sensation it gives us. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this one! Have a nice chocolate day!

01/14/2017 5:28am

Yes, that's true! I'm crazy about chocolate and other sweets during PMS!

02/09/2017 8:34am

I didn't know that. It is a pretty informative post for me. I will remember that.

03/14/2017 10:09am

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Chocolate really is one of my comfort foods. Thank you for this tip regarding the chocolate and the time best to consume it. I will definitely give my girlfriend chocolates when that time comes. After all, chocolates are best consumed at any time of the day. It's even better consumed when in constrained times.

07/31/2017 11:09pm

Who dislikes chocolate? A countable figure are dislikes but who likes chocolate an uncountable figure almost everybody likes chocolate and it is a way of enhancing your communication with your well-wishers to gift them chocolates.

08/19/2017 12:50am

Most women experience many such PMS issues in their menstruation times. Most people take this as an excuse from women, and thanks to you for sharing the scientific theories behind the same and helping us know how we can solve these problems.

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08/20/2017 11:23pm

You are looking quite impatient for that amazing thing.

08/21/2017 12:13am

Nice post, thanks for sharing.


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