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Did you know that women craving chocolate during PMS is a real thing?!  It's not just an excuse to chow down on the best food God ever created.  Science actually says that a woman's level of magnesium is lower during PMS and that lower levels of magnesium causes a craving for chocolate.

As I see it, there are two easy solutions to this particular problem:
1.  Eat foods or take supplements high in magnesium just before and during PMS.
2.  Eat chocolate during PMS

Let's see...
magnesium or chocolate?

Really?  Science could have saved the money for that research.  More chocolate is the only good thing about PMS. 
Thank you for visiting my chocolate blog.  I am not in India.  I live in the United States, but I consider chocolate the universal language.  The love of chocolate transcends all cultures.  

Chocolate never fails to make people happy.  Ask a kid anywhere in the world what kind of cake he  or she wants for the birthday party, they will all yell "CHOCOLATE!"  In many countries, it's traditional to have a white wedding cake, but chocolate is so beloved that many have found a way to get their chocolate, too.  They'll usually be a small "groom" cake, which is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Take an ordinary strawberry and cover it in chocolate, and you will miraculously transform a piece a fruit into a sexy, romantic, universally recognized foreplay aid.

Young, old, male, female, any culture, since time began, chocolate has been, still is, and always will be the world's comfort food.  

Please join me as I try to build a site that covers the world in chocolate.  I will accept and submissions, and post any well-written article that includes chocolate as an important part of the post.  I love chocolate fiction, but I also love facts about chocolate.

Really, anything you'd like to submit has an excellent chance of getting posted here.  


    I love chocolate.  Chocolate defines me. I started this blog to talk about everything chocolate.  I will write my own articles or accept original articles from guests.  Here, anything about chocolate is welcome.  Feel free to contact me to add information to this repository.


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